The Bitter better

The following article was published (with slight modifications) in 'Reconnection' - IBA Iqra Society's official Magazine under the name "Takabbur- A common disease" 
Last year, some sessions were arranged by Iqra Society on for Purification of the hearts series. Two of its talks were on “Curing arrogance” and “Curing hatred” For this purpose, I had the task of inviting the girls to the event.

Khilafat: The solution to Pakistan's problem?

On 13th April 2011, Mr Shujauddin Sheikh of Quran Academy delivered a lecture at IBA. The experience and knowledge given by him was unimaginable and a vast topic such as the “WHAT, WHY AND HOW OF KHILAFAT” cannot be covered in a mere 2 hour lecture. From a feminine perspective, it made me question the extent to which I can contribute to Khilafat!

Notes by: Kiran Khan & Yumna Halim 

Qabilyah and Qabooliyah - Lecture Attended

The IBA Iqra Society invited Sheikh Kamaluddin Ahmed on 6th of April, 2011. The following is the summary of the talk on 'Qabiliyah and Qubooliyah'.

Please note that the following is not a transcription but only notes based on personal understanding.

Notes by: Ariba Masood 

Sins of the tongue - lecture attended

The lecture took place at Main Campus, IBA on March 10, 2011. It is a a part of the ongoing Scattered Pearls Series and the speaker was Sobia Qasim.

Please note that the following is not a transcription of the lecture and only based on the notes I took during the lecture. I have tried to cover as much as possible.

The topic is very pertinent to women as men are mostly known to be using their hands frequently and women are known to be using their tongues frequently. All of us know that if women sit together then they can discuss anything and everything around them!

Is Business deen or dunya? - Lecture attended

Shaykh Hashim came to IBA yesterday (Feb, 28 2011) to give a talk on " Is business deen or dunya?". The talk happened in City Campus, Apwa Auditorium which was organized by IBA, Iqra Society

For those who dont know,Sheikh Hashim was born and raised in California, USA and started off his career as a Musician in Hollywood. He reverted to Islam in 1970 and since then dedicated himself to acquiring traditional Islamic knowledge.

Although I was a few minutes late, I tried my best to cover up for those lost minutes and noted down as much as I could, thereafter. Please note that the following is not a transcription of the talk he gave and is only based on my own comprehension of the topic.